Children Of A Laser God (2017 deluxe re​-​issue)

by Spray

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Tracks 1-18 previously released as Children of a Laser God.
Track 20 previously unreleased
Track 21 from the single 'Run With Us'
Track 22 previously unreleased
Track 23 from the digital collection 'Macabre Park'
Track 24 from the digital collection 'Macabre Park'
Track 25 previously unreleased
Track 26 previously unreleased
Track 27 from the digital collection 'Macabre Park'
Track 28 is a brand new remix
Track 29 previously unreleased
Track 30 from the digital collection 'Macabre Park'
Track 31 from the mail-order CDR of this album
Track 32 from the single 'Run With Us'
Track 33 previously unreleased
Track 34 a microscopically different version
Track 35 previously unreleased version
Track 36 previously unreleased


released May 19, 2017

Written and performed by Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn
Produced and mixed by Ricardo Autobahn


all rights reserved



Spray Lancashire, UK

Ric and Jen were members of 21st century pop terrorists The Cuban Boys, who topped John Peel's Festive 50 and the UK singles charts.

Their offshoot project Spray predicted the electropop boom, unfortunately much too early for them to cash in. They released two albums in 2002 and 2006.

In 2016 they released their first full length studio album in 10 years - 'Enforced Fun'.
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Track Name: Intro
Good afternoon and welcome to the new album from Spray. In stereo sound, with the unique technology of Cyphex Industries Synthetic Music Substitute. We are cruising at an altitude of 113 beats per minute. There will be refreshments in 25 minutes. You are currently listening to the sequencer and choir pad. And now the hi-hats. In a moment ladies and gentlemen, the album's first drum loop. Thankyou again. Please settle back. The album is now about to start.
Track Name: He Came With The Frame
Work hard 24/7 in a world cold and unforgiving
No time for the trivial stuff, relationships and sex and love
Protocol requires stability, I require illusion of stability
Must find a society clone - not a hair out of place or secondhand clothes

Now nonconformity's nice
But face it - we're not living in a geek’s paradise
I need a boy who's gonna look good tonight
And I found him

He came with the frame
Never found out his name
But he was perfect in a nondescript sort of way
He came with the frame
They all look the same
Quite attractive not distracting, and a hint that he's gay

OK, he's kinda generic, fair point, but now that you've said it
He's got appeal that spans all the nations - blends in to all situations
An enigma wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a jumper
Not sure if he's a family man with the glint of a rogue or he could be in a boy band

No conversational clout
But I'm accessorizing I'm not trying to stand out
I've got a boy, he's gonna look good tonight
So I'm satisfied

He came with the frame
It seemed quite a shame
That he'd had his personality erased and defaced
He came with the frame
I'll never see him again
Doesn't matter, there's a million like him now on sale

There's a million like him in the stores
There's a million washed up on the shores

I'm tellin' you
Track Name: Anthem (For The Modern Artist)
Oh my god we’re back again, inform our rivals!
We’ve got a tank of gas, we’re feeling suicidal
Driven up the pop charts, driven to the bank
We swam and we swam till we sank.
Trying to make the people of the world despise us
Playing dinky rhythms on our synthesizers
Complain about the future – complain about the past
You know that we’re not gonna last.

One stop sure shot, tip-top lift off
Oh no, let’s go! Audio quattro
Tip-top technorock programming the beatbox
Joy ride chart hype outta sight – bright lights!

Don’t wanna get a proper job
(repeat forever)

You know we’re not smart enough to sit in silence
As musicians we’re awarded a stupidity licence
Listen us moan and listen to us whinge
Listen to the lunatic fringe.
Annotate a list of everyone who’s annoyed us
Type it up and send the findings off to Reuters
Way off in the future we’ll even up the score with a reunion tour.

Go go cheekbones Marco Polo
Rewrite replay remix reSpray
Hard core gulf war 24 top drawer
Word change – third claim – rock ‘n roll hall of fame!

Don’t wanna get a proper job

I know I wasted my life away
I wish I’d won the lotteray
I wish I’d found the easy way
Married into money or married into fame
It’s been suggested I’m just too wary
Something ‘bout the nature of work that scares me
When it all gets just too hairy
I can stay in bed

Cos I don’t wanna get a proper job
Track Name: Pretend Girlfriend
Are you barely human? Don’t you fit in with the world?
Are you in a boy band and too busy to meet girls?
Well get thee to the internet, I’m sure you know the way
I’ll be your pretend girlfriend for 3.95 a day

I’ll send you automated voicemail – feign concern that you’re alright
I’ll be the one who keeps you company in chatrooms overnight
I’ll send you photographs and birthday cards, receipts for luxuries
As far as all your friends are concerned – I’m very real

I’m your girlfriend
Your pretend girlfriend
I’m your girlfriend
Your pretend girlfriend

Naysayers say – “immoral” - it’s a “money making scam”
That preys upon the meek and ugly disaffected man
So tell me if you’re so concerned why aren’t *you* dating them?
Me, I’ll just keep mailing out those perfumed 4x10s

And you should see the e-mails I must wade through every day
And you should see my credit balance hurtling through space
We do what we can, not what is right or what we should
Love is just a business - and business is good for your girlfriend

You’re very special, you’re just my type
I’m sure that underneath you’re the kind of guy girls like
I’m really love your e-mails, your online company
But just don’t come within a million miles of me

People can’t be bothered with the hassle life inflicts
It’s like a real relationship without the nervous tics
You can call it off at any time like cancelling a debt
But you’ll come crawling back cos I’m the best you’ll ever get
Track Name: Queen Of Summer
They see her through the heat haze, slightly out of reach
Perennially flawless - effortlessly discreet
The boys in motion on the surf out to impress
But she just watches, ticking off the boxes in her head

She’s the queen of summer

She wears her hair tied back, likes it natural
She brings uneasiness to the brave and casual
When Autumn comes they’ll wonder where their hearts have gone
Until then all their concentrations basking in the sun

She’s the queen of summer

The fireflies flicker past the wine-dark sea
Clubs and restaurants long distracted the likes of you and me
The beach is empty now, she never leaves
She’s contemplating weighty stuff, we’ve been led to believe

She’s the queen of summer
Track Name: Kiss Like In The Movies
The noon sun pours from the sky making shadows of the windowsill on the walls
Mood tunes float on the breeze like Morricone owns the flat on the opposite floor
She’s short, pretty, with long blond flowing hair – he’s much the same only not quite so small
They dance for a while before cutting to a closer shot, they clutch at each other and fall

They love each other so - that even perspiration is romantic

They kiss like robots that don’t know when to stop
They kiss like in the movies when in context with the plot
The nightlight burns and the dry ice clears
But is it me or is it getting hotter in here?
Uncharted land ahoy!
It all goes dark and suddenly the players get coy
But as the lights come on they seem quite keen
As they kiss like in the movies and we wonder how they breathe

Soon they finish their games and we swing to the floor from our trees
By evening we’re restless and wondering what we’re missing, so we struggle to our lookout to see
Sure enough on the floor, the cushions strewn about as candles flicker so bright
To light every pore on the nape of her neck and catch his profile in favourable light

She lets him scrape his chin across her face of make-up without flinching

They say we should be playing with computer games, watching cartoons…
Track Name: Love's Been Particularly Cruel To Me
I’ll confess, my darker side
Love and me have really never quite been aligned
Done my time, failed the test
Found my limitations which are limited at best

There's more to life than these non-stop sugar highs, cloudwalks, angel eyes
Don't be fooled - cos I know what's coming next, a masterclass in bitterness

Love's been particularly cruel to me
Never really turned out like it ought to have been
I've searched the world and the seven seas but
Love's been particularly cruel to me

If you look past my minor flaws and physique and personality I'm really top drawer
Didn't know I had a heart till I fell out of the ugly tree and into your arms

Delude yourself
Wait a little longer cos rejection makes you stronger
Blind faith, blind hope
I've been pulled under, waving, sinking, testaments to wishful thinking

The only comfort I can find is even perfect true love always dies
Track Name: Catfight!
Nice and easy - take it nice and slow
Gouge and lift - don't leave your face exposed
Not too fast - calm down! There's artistry at work!
Grab the hair with your weaker hand
Set the angle and coup de main.
I think you're fit and well for real experience...
Let's dance to the rhythm in the neon glow, and it's not my place - but you really ought to know...
I saw her wearing his old wayfarers before she got here in his Porsche Carrera
She's here right now, by the bar with a man!
Can't you see her? That complacency is driving me mad!
Channel that anger - channel it and lose it - get on over there and pummel her stupid!

Wind them up and let them go, stand well back don't get too close
Leave 'em bleeding and then I'm gone

I don't like to get involved.
Far too much bloodshed involved.
I'm a sideline armchair fighter - just like you.
But as you settle down to the pay-per-view
The only aroma is of fags and booze.
I prefer the crunch and blood in sensurround.
Judge me you philistines, judge me you fools, but I get my kicks for real not through anodyne rules.
It's not immoral and it's not illegal - it's an agreement of consenting people.
Lust, frustration, pent up raging, teeth and shrapnel, screaming hatred.
Let me clarify it's not just violence - beauty and the skill of sporting science
Track Name: I'm Beginning To Think That People Don't Like Me
Back in those halcyon days I never knew
What people tried to say, or quite what to do
And now I’m clinging on – my knuckles raw
Any sharp turn now and I’ll be flung to the floor

Come on baby, come on, how can the world be so wrong?
How come it’s taking so long?
A stack of unreturned calls, my inbox splutters and falls
Perhaps my system is flawed

I’m beginning to think that people don’t like me
Beginning to think the world was built to spite me
Beginning to think life’s not on my side - but what a ride!
Let’s take a ride!

Too young to be so bitter, too old to care
One more day gone – one more priority scare
Ignored with nonchalance and harsh critique
If I was someone else I’d roundly agree

I never wanted the earth – just a portion would serve
I’m flying blind through the world.
These are my cabaret years
Still filled with cabaret tears
And hearts that beat in arrears.
Track Name: On Air, Tonight
The science fiction world regenerates
A world where waves and diodes modulate
A world of doctors on barbiturates
Into the future we’ll accelerate

The beat chimes my heart pounds
You know that science is the new rock ‘n roll

I’m on the air tonight, I’m on the air tonight
Are you receiving me now? Are you there?

So just sign there, fill in this questionnaire
It helps to make sure that you are prepared
The avenues that we are breaking through
Every new science annotated to you

We know what you want, we won’t disappoint
You know we’re only here to help you

You make the world turn a little faster now
You make my heart beat a little faster now
You make the world turn a little faster now
You make my heart beat, you make my heart beat
You make the world turn a little faster now
You make my heart beat a little faster now
You make the world turn a little faster now
You make my heart beat, you make my heart beat

By now you should be proud
Existing in an era where such science is found
The terrain we inject in your brain
Is a world of the complexity of Citizen Kane
Amnesia shouldn’t occur
There’s been some kind of error in the theories inferred
You may experience pain
But all this new science will cure you again.
Track Name: You Eat One Lousy Foot And You're A Cannibal
The plane took off – mishaps occurred
Tibetan snow was left disturbed
In garish shirts and wide-brimmed hats we ventured from the safety hatch

A camp was set up, bonfires lit and gin consumed
The kids build snowmen and a happy scene ensued
But freeze-dried airline portions don’t really make a substantial diet
For four months lost in a mountain range.

We soldiered on – we ate it all
Toothpaste and soap – the seats and walls
But times were tough
And Big Fat Dave looked more attractive every day

I swear to god, I didn’t know what made the soup
They said it was a mountain goat – lost and confused
I sensed more of a poultry flavour as ate
But didn’t think much of it until a toenail caught my throat

Fatty you’ll be no great loss to science, sport, the secret service
Fatty you tasted great
Although I cry myself to sleep every night I think of you
I also start to salivate

I swear to god I just didn’t realize
He seemed more gristly somehow when he was alive
I swear to god I never thought he’d taste so fine
I’d have had seconds but the rescue planes arrived.
Track Name: It's All In The Drums
Dance to disco music
I just want the disco
3-4-3-4-3-4 etc

3 4 on the floor
Disco music is my life
3 4 on the floor
Disco music is alive!
3 4 on the floor
Disco music is my bomb
3 4 on the floor
It's all in the drums!

Dance to disco music
Feel the bass and use it
Dance to disco music

Disco music all night long
Disco will never die
Syn drum

Dance to disco music
Feel the bass and use it
Dance to disco music


Disco music all night long
Disco will never die

All new technology synchronised by machines
Slow motion, punch the sky - run down the golden mile

3-4-3-4-3-4-3 etc

I just want the disco

Dance to disco music
Dance to disco music
Dance to disco music

3 4 on the floor
Disco music is my life
3 4 on the floor
Disco music is alive!
3 4 on the floor
Disco music is my bomb
3 4 on the floor
It's all in the drums!

Dance to disco music
Feel the bass and use it
Dance to disco music

Come on and carry me home
Syn drum
I just want the disco
Track Name: We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About
Way back in the 1980s all seemed cut and dried
You did your job, you earnt a wage, you drove a Renault 5
Then came techno, acid house, and people lost respect
They sat around in communes smoking funny cigarettes.

Now there lies the problem you see
You know in your heart of hearts your folks were dropping E’s
They spent their time at Future dancing to repetitive beats

We are the people our parents warned us about.

“You should get out and have some fun” that’s what my dad will say
Oh father, please, I’m studying, why don’t you go away?
“Ah when I was your age I had better things to do”
I’m surprised you can remember - all the stuff you snow-ploughed through

We sit around the fire and the music pumps out loud
Oh mother, please, just turn it down, the neighbours will be round.
It’s such an awful racket - they can’t sing and you can’t hear the words.

We are the people our parents warned us about.

Dissidents, deviants, mavericks and cranks
Drop-outs, weirdy rebels, recalcitrants and punks
That’s what my thesaurus says and I’ve never known it to be wrong

We are the people our parents warned us about.
Track Name: The Dangerous Sports Club
Risky, bizarre, perverse
Wasn’t my idea!
But whatever floats your boat
A bit weird – but then who am I to judge this fixation with the railroad
I was foolish to agree – I know
But tomorrow I want to go out
The dangerous sports club have got to accept you now

We could have bungee-jumped our way to fame
But no – that’s too mundane
So now we’re lying on top of this train
And all the lights rush by they blur into one

I cast my mind way back to the pub where we met and you just seemed sort of nice
Now with the benefit of hindsight I should have listened to my friends’ advice
“Never trust a man wearing leather shorts and a plastic dressing gown”
The dangerous sports club have got to accept you now

We could have bungee-jumped our way to fame
But no – that’s too mundane
So now we’re lying on top of this train
And all the lights rush by they blur into one
So as the seconds tick by and extra points are earned
Our love is reaffirmed
But you’re not moving and I’m getting concerned
And all the stars fly by and merge into one

It’s often strange how things never turn out the way you want them to

We could have bungee-jumped our way to fame
But no – that’s too mundane
So now we’re lying on top of this train
And all the lights rush by they blur into one
I wasn’t satisfied – I thought that you would tire
But now it’s all backfired
We’ll be in Sheffield by a quarter to five
And all the lights rush by they blur into one
Track Name: If I Ruled The World
I'd make the planet safe for the future if I ruled the world
I'd own an island, be politically neutral, if I ruled the world

From the Tundra to Tierra del Fuego I'd rule with a firm hand (but fair)
I'd stand on mountain tops in my sandals, let the wind blow through my hair

If I ruled the world I could do such wonderful things!
It's all very well giving each heart a new song to sing.

Sometime I'd like to drive across the nations, that's where I'd go
Ride the interstate combinations, drive through the snow
I'd steal boyfriends and drink some vodka, champagne and ale
Teenage boys would fancy me (although I'm much older) - when do we sail?

It would be my duty to serve the public - at least till the novelty wanes.
It would always be the first day of spring, only the weather would change.

But there's the redistribution of wealth, and problems that arise from public health.
Perhaps I should delegate? That seems to be the modern thing...
That seems to be the modern thing.

I'd strive to make standards of impeccable insight if I ruled the world
But I'd soon be murdered in cold blood at night if I ruled the world
There'd be jealous folk who'd resent me ruling the world
But I'd forgive them - incidentally - because I'm so great, magnanimous, considerate...

I'm hard working and I'm attractive without any family ties.
I think you'll find I'd be the ideal choice should a vacancy arise
Track Name: I Want Someone (Tonite)
Girls hang about by cafes in the street
I sit in my unlocked loft in the cold and sing atmospheric songs
Pop radio
Millionaires in a row
So this is where the whining starts – feel my pain!
Won’t someone feel my pain!

I want someone to walk with me
By rivers at midnight
Someone to dance with me in deserted fields as the sun comes up
I want someone to buy me things
Costly rings
Not quality reproductions
Someone to die for me
To inspire me tonight
Inspire me tonight

Rough and ready chic
Unshaven for a week
The words he sings connect with me
They’re from a rhyming dictionary
We’re following the formulae

Sing my song sing it loud sing it long
Track Name: Before You Go
Before you go let’s remember the good times
Before you go can we share a last kiss?
Before you go will you help me get the car keys from underneath the fridge?
Before you go - a sandwich?
A flask of coffee if you’re travelling far?
Before you go you’ll have to fight me first, if you think you’re hard

Oh no – I want you to go if you’re sure that’s really what you want
I’ll make way, never stand in your way
Now’s not the time for tears or suicide threats.

Before you go can we talk about football?
Before you go try not to fall down the stairs
Before you go will you hold this electrode?
If you smell burning then it’s only your hair
Before you go look at me and the kids you said you’d never leave
Before you go did you forget you said you’d pay for our trip to the Maldives.
Track Name: Change
In one breath I was gorgeous
The next my hair was wrong
I never knew what you wanted
You strung me along

If I'm wasting your time say so
I don't want to get in your way
Take me as I am
Or leave me alone

I won't change

You told me I was special
I held all the cards
But when I was hurting
You didn't try too hard
Your actions always confused me
I thought that they might
But just for the moment
I'm keeping you in sight.

I was only relieved when you found someone else
It took you off my hands and left me on the shelf
Thought you might have been honest, I know you don't need space
It took you quite a while at least I didn't lose my place.
Track Name: Idiosynchronicity
Now I'm in fashion, it's my passion
You can trust me when I say
"The vogue can never go away"
It's just a circle to save waste so don't concern yourself with taste
Just grow your hair and lose those flares
Until next week

Trust me honey my advice is sound
Though Naomi never wore it it'll come back around
There's only one route to authenticity

I'm in a band on EMI I love your sound it makes me high
A touch of Springsteen, glance of Cher
With a modern air
Whatever - one thing is for sure, it sounds like stuff I've heard before
So just sign here and say you'll sing
And you'll become the last big thing

Trust me honey my advice is sound
If Peelie ever played it it'll come back around
There's only one route to authenticity
Track Name: Cosmic Kylie
Streamlined, dramatic, archaic - fantastic!
The space age, excessive and fun.
Through TV and movies (but mostly pop music) I learned all I ever could want.

You believe! As the stars keep shining.
You believe in the afterlife.
You believe I can take you skywards.
I believe that you're right

Because I'm the girl you have seen in visions and dreams I am your Cosmic Kylie
Up on posters and walls, convenience stores, I am your Cosmic Kylie
I will see you all well, postmodern as hell, I am your Cosmic Kylie
Take it all girls and boys, utopian joy, take it from Cosmic Kylie

Space junk comes crashing through windows of my house by light of a billion suns.
Somewhere way out there you know there's inhabited planets of bubblegum.

Build me up to icon status
Build me up - I won't let you down
Build me up, cos I can take it!
Build me up to knock me down

Cos I'm a product of pop - a media prop known as Cosmic Kylie
An exercise and a scheme - a marketing dream - branded as Cosmic Kylie
Come to me for the truth, if lost and aloof I'll be your Cosmic Kylie
I'm just here to be used, ignored or abused. Everybody's Cosmic Kylie.

Take a walk with me over open seas and I'll tell you what I've learnt
In a vague sort of way that leaves room for debate and to get your fingers burnt.
At your own risk follow me to the bliss of self worth and inner calm
We will worship sunsets and explain the inexplicable with flawed logic and charm.

Because I'm much more than a star - I'm an actual star! Worship at Cosmic Kylie!
This! Much more than a song! A hymn all along, deifying Cosmic Kylie.
I'm the spark in your fire, your guiding messiah. All hail Cosmic Kylie!
Watch while planets collide - I will survive - I am Cosmic Kylie!
Track Name: I Hate Everyone (But You)
Their jobs, opinions, children, friends and choice of verbs
I simply can't stop people getting on my nerves
Everyone runs, chasing the sun, searching for something to last forever
I never tried, always denied - out of the blue I'm gonna have to rethink my views

I believe in you
You believe in me
And there's nothing you can do to stop me seeing you in that certain light
However trite
I believe in you
You believe in me
Though I've never put trust in anyone
I hate everyone
But you

Misanthrophy - an underrated virtue - shaped my life
I lived in comfy satisfaction all the time
Depression sets in, guilty as sin - how could this happen? I've been so careful!
I hate how it feels, typically me
I hate myself for missing you when you're not here
Track Name: Sex & Chocolate
I always preached responsibility
Know where you stand if you've respect for me
I wouldn't want to be your property
I'm not the kind of girl who's easily led
So lying in a cornfield late at night
You coyly schmooze and I see right through your lies
Then you lean in and touch my face
Making me susceptible to all your little foibles and...

To disillusioned guilt and confusing signs
I struggle hard to look you in the eye
Someone once said, someone very wise
"Things will never be the same again"
And all those ads I saw on the TV
And all the times I knew that wasn't me
And all those times I mocked and scorned
It's happened again and there's nothing I can do about it...

No looking no touching no petting no nothing
Evading refraining abstaining is draining
Refusal denial reluctant compliance
Accept it you want it you know you'll never get enough of it

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