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Living In Neon (2016 deluxe re​-​issue)

by Spray

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Living In Neon (2016 deluxe re-issue) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Electrified, synthesized, modified - bona fide. A synthpop girl in a synthpop world, looking at the synthpop universe. Electrostatic stars and the neon moon - tonight we're gonna party like it's 1982. Electrified paradise. Neon lights, dry ice. Automate, and aviate. Integrate, and celebrate. Airwaves crackle, diodes fuse. The future that we live in was designed in '52.
I can walk, I can talk, and dispense ridicule And I understand irony better than you Kitsch and chic - retro clique - I make lists in my sleep Now my time has arrived - it's already archived! Sequential retrospectives in the nation's collective We're blinded to the folly of our past misdirectives Watching revivals and mid-life crises dodging from the fallout of nostalgic reprisals (woah!) Suddenly everybody rates me because I'm a child of the 80s Decadence to the sound of a Fairlight on heat Getting loaded on spacedust and Rene Magritte Aquaducts on the moon Reading books just to prove that our time had arrived - the time of our lives! It was silicon carnage once the decade had started From the disaffected masses - and the masses were artists Meteor arclights lit the dancefloor by starlight Driving through the Dresden underpasses at midnight (woah!) Suddenly everybody rates me because I'm a child of the 80s We're living in the 80s
I Am Gothic 03:41
Step inside, candle lights my despairing gloom I'm just no brooding teen - I'm considered abstruse It's so sparse being dark, can't you feel my pain? People are all the same. They isolate my ways Catch the ghost train to the centre of my heart (then the dark will rise again) I am potent, I'm profound (then the clouds will part) I am gothic I am pale I am scary I'm insane I'm a loner I am cold I feel special when people don't phone Obscurum per obscurius Ignotum per ignotius It's no clique, I'm a freak - I don't like your bands I don't put any effort in, it's just how I am I'm disturbed, I feel hurt, I'm intense - that's me Writing poetry (incandescently) I'm a misfit for I study the occult (I am three dimensional) Just admit you're terrified (But I've got no friends)
Spaced 03:46
I always thought I was in control I always thought that my life was whole I always thought you'd be good for me I always thought that you were out of my league And now I know we're never gonna be together Won't let go. I'm holding on forever. You only need to look at me and I know in my heart I can never break free We'll be together If it takes until the end of my life to make you realise that together we're right We'll be together And now your sun sets for pastures new Don't look behind if I'm following you I'm only here for that One Last Chance I'm only here cos it's what destiny planned And now I know we're gonna be together Won't let go, I'm holding on forever You only need to look at me... I lived my life, cleared my mind Took the chance when it came down the line I listened to my heart's desire Not wanting to hear the one thing, the one thing that now I know Now I know......
Rubber on tarmac Grip the wheel Cold chrome heartbeat Stainless steel Come on baby Take that step In front of me and certain death I kill with my car Heaters rattle Start to sweat Girl / machine In harmonic depth Abandoned senses Now replete You're my baby hot and sweet Hurling pensioners asunder, grinding pets and kids to dust I kill with my car It's a sexual thrill - max power high - complete control It's inadequacies which disappear when on the road It's inadequacies caused me to fit this stereo It's society's fault I'm here at all Rubber on tarmac Grip the ground Pounding heartbeat Perspiring brow Come on baby Clutch control It's in that sensitivity I overload I kill with my car
Comeback 03:48
I followed you to live with beatniks by the Seine We crossed the Tundra - and I never once complained I braved the unwashed masses just to be with you Though, to be fair, you did provide picturesque views I told you I'd grab all the stars for you down from the haze You told me "Thanks" but you "don't have much use for stars these days" Don't feel the need to lie but, please, give me some response because all I really want is you to Come back! Listen to me whine Come back! Repay me for my time, I want Comeback! For all the things you said It's like we never broke up, which - of course - we never did. The wallpaper was peeling and the ambience was grim The conversation stilted and the silence deafening That's the day we met. As time went by, it just got worse Christ knows why I ever fancied you at first These raging doubts pursue me that I never got enough The days go by, and I still try for closure on our love This far down the line my obsession's just for you - but it's obsession for one simple fact Please, will you just
I keep missing the love boat through no fault of mine Someone has sabotaged the boarding times I keep missing the love boat - my days all begin Wading back to drier land with rapidly deflating water wings Anyway I keep missing the love boat, my friends are astern They wave to me - but don't seem too concerned that I'm missing the love boat I'm getting annoyed I'm also getting far too old to spend my time ignored by cabin boys Anyway It creeps round the headland - I launch my emergency flares But emergency flares don't even evoke a reaction and I'm stranded again I keep missing the love boat cos everybody is aesthetically more pleasing than me I keep missing the love boat cos other people show up my personality flaws I keep missing the love boat so I'll lie here and drown. No, maybe not, then - just a lie down And abandon the love boat, romance, love and fate I never really wanted to go on your silly ship anyway Anyway
Yes, it's commended to donate your brain to science - perhaps you should have waited till you died My vitriolic dreaming. A wet road - headlights gleaming... No. That's too easy. Too contrived. It's war, boys, the battle lines are drawn There's nothing you can do, so settle back And let us scorn the hopeful paths you forged - long lost to gross incompetence Inadequacy Monuments Perhaps you'd better leave it to the girls, boys - we know what to do Leave it to the girls, boys, you're returnable, unused You've screwed up for the last time, but now's not the time for blame Leave it to the girls, boys. For evolution's sake You say you treat me as an equal, treat me as a human being, whilst you treat me to your well-worn repartee Look at the way you're drooling - attempting cool! You're just my vacant puppet - my performing seal Oh we bow down to your gullibility (formed by self-belief and high delusion of ability) Your prowess leaves a lot to be desired, but we'll still lie if it makes you feel important, big boy But leave the rest to the girls, boys. Don't think that we're unrealistic Don't believe the fake statistics
Heatwavers 03:50
I saw the morning come - I don't know why, it wasn't much fun to miss my sleep just for this song In the still night air at 4am the sun was there! ...but we all knew that all along And now I'm sitting in the shade of the trees A distant jetplane somewhere leaves We're all so happy that it's summer, empty weeks stretch to the sun. Here come the heatwavers! Obssessed in love and should know better Heatwavers Optimistic kind and clever This summer's only going to last another day All summer long pollen you never knew existed comes along Heatwavers Crawling from their faceless places Heatwavers - everyone's an expert now you're heatwavers We have got the reasons for you A little rain flows by, we fear the rain and hide inside Ah, well. To rest won't do much harm Just go right back to sleep, emotions build up in the heat It's all so very still and calm A sudden burst of disco music fills the air A shout goes up and every one is right there We're all so happy that it's summer, though it's coming to an end And everybody is a heatwaver Dreaming of electric city Heatwavers - charming, debonair and witty Heatwavers never see the signs till it's too late Let's hear it for the heatwavers They're what's cool and we know nothing Heatwavers Life's a beach, they just keep singing Someone really isn't too cool And that means you
I'm an also-ran in her company A supporting role in her biography Her friends are clever, her friends are artists But when I'm with her my syntax is disarming Walking tall in my imagination Stunted by my inarticulation I'm blurting nonsense out of sheer blind terror There's stuff I need to say, but perhaps I'd just not better Cos she's a brainiac She'll never be impressed by you and never get undressed by you She's a brainiac You're out of your depth, not waving, but drowning I should abandon hope - that much is obvious But when my head says "STOP!" my heart's oblivious If I was smarter then I'd know what to do If I knew someone smart then she'd know what to do My sense of being pales to her existance She'll talk for hours and I'll drool on every sentence She talks of Nietzsche and I'm nodding but I'm fading I'll bluff my way but I'm never gonna make it
So Close 04:01
I kissed the lips of glory, success stroked my hair Victory and I ran hand in hand through the autumn air But now I'm sinking in quicksand, squinting into the void And it's science that I blame cos I came So Close! To my utopian vision So Close! Denied by mathematicians So Close! Viewed from the right perspective So Close! I missed by inches - missed by miles.... Although the point in space keeping us apart was infinitely small I theorised I'd never reach my indivisible goal So now I'd rather be anywhere than this close to you Curse you physics, curse you Zeno! So Close! See how heartbreaking this is? So Close! Kept apart by the laws of physics So Close! I want it all - and badly! So Close! To being happy... How close can I get when Cupid's arrow is always doomed to stall halfway to your heart? So Close! I checked and checked for errors So Close! But in love, war, time and space there's no half-measure So Close! You can't argue with divine designs I'm So Close! To an all-powerful god creating a wall he can't jump (How close can I get)
Never been a fashion victim, "the scene" - it's not my bag Till one day I woke up and found myself a walking chainstore ad When I bleed, I bleed in logos spread across my arms and legs Don't think me fraudulent, I found a kitemark on my neck Christ, it's fucking painful, but at least it saves some cash And it's worth it - all this torment - for a fashionable rash... We live and we breathe brand names and TV You are a fashion icon We look to your wounds to show us the truth You are the fashion goddess It's not all catwalk chic, it gets really quite passe Collections change, my scars remain - and my knees are now out of date And I'm being sued by Nike for infringement and distress That was caused to the consumers by my appearance in the press Sometimes, I want to end it all. My life is getting hard But only since "Just Do It" emerged upon my palms Armani armani ar-ar-armani
So...this is it then? I somehow expected more for my money than these bouncy walls and food through a straw This is it then? I finally get time on my own cos my thoughts have gone on voyages of metaphors Like so.. " Life's a balloon of regret and frustration blown out of proportion and launched on the breeze We'll all watch it blow over blustery commons and trudge home complaining it's stuck in a tree" So...this is it then? I can't say I'm not quite at ease with the comfy care and Chloroform you're all giving me This is it then? A flash! A spark on the jet! I didn't know my memories made such pretty effects... But my memory resembles a super-8 film where the poor resolution hides key subtleties Perpetual playing finds details mutate 'till my life's rendered wayward as plot holes dilate Jaw dropping sunsets and dormobiles. Hay lofts. Romance in warm fields and ice cream. Soft cappucino skies. Irate parents with bloodshot eyes. But now my life seems to be like the week after Christmas when it rains, and you're sick, on a loop. It's torment. Unbearable deadlock of tablets, injections and jaw-dropping sunsets So...this is it then? The knockout stage of the show! I'm still holding out for money (or two weeks in the snow) This is it then? The thumping deafens the sound. I wonder if I get to play the tie-breaker round? But my memory is fading, if I've said this before then I'm sorry but I can't remember verse four " The times I've spent frantically stressed, I regret" So there That's the moral Do with it as you see fit
Don't Go 03:19
Every day, people say, "I am such a freak," Leaving scars, till they are, disenfranchised and weak. But I see, underneath, through the skin and bone, We are no more unknown, than we are on our own. Bound together, all of us are just the same. Though they call us diff'rent names… We are gothic, We are one, Stolen darkness From the sun! We're the children Of the night, Casting shadows in the pale moonlight! Wearing black, front to back, are we vanishing, Or are we, breaking free, like a bat and its wings? Do we hide, terrified, shaking in our shells, Or reveal ourselves, and raise a little hell? We're the creatures we were always meant to be. Raise your voice and sing with me… Growing from our whispers, screams Are calling sisters, brothers, Bring to life a world of dreams In which nobody's "other."


20 previously released Spray songs
3 previously released Spray rarities from compilations
3 previously unreleased never before heard Spray remixes
8 previously unreleased never before heard Spray songs
1 brand new Spray song
1 secret track

Tracks 1-15 from LIVING IN NEON (+ I AM GOTHIC REMIX PROJECT). These are IDENTICAL to the other release.
Track 16 from the compilation 'Electricity 2'
Track 17 from the compilation 'Nobody's Diary'
Track 18 from the compilation 'Synthetic Broadway'
Track 19 previously unreleased remix
Track 20 previously unreleased song
Track 22 previously unreleased version
Track 23 previously unreleased song
Track 25 previously unreleased song
Track 26 previously unreleased song
Track 28 previously unreleased song
Track 30 previously unreleased song
Track 31 previously unreleased song
Track 32 from MACABRE PARK album
Track 33 previously unreleased version
Track 34 previously unreleased song
Track 35 previously unreleased, brand new recording


released October 14, 2016

Written and performed by Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn
Produced and mixed by Ricardo Autobahn


all rights reserved



Spray Lancashire, UK

Ric and Jen were members of 21st century pop terrorists The Cuban Boys, who topped John Peel's Festive 50 and the UK singles charts.

Their offshoot project Spray predicted the electropop boom, unfortunately much too early for them to cash in. They released two albums in 2002 and 2006.

In 2016 they released their first full length studio album in 10 years - 'Enforced Fun'.
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