Driving down the strip in a convertible it's a dream
T shirts with slogans and a gang who look suspiciously clean for the streets

Coquettishly waving at the cars that pass
Sharing our burgers and abusing staff
All my friends from central casting laugh
As we
Take our life
By the horns
Being free
Be ourselves
And we dance
Through the street

Mayhem, albeit quite restrained
Mayhem - parameters rule!
I always wanted to say "I always wanted to say that"
It implies anarchy
Mayhem, government approved
Mayhem, sanctioning the beat
I always wanted to say "I always wanted to say that"
I don't know what to believe anymore

We are all unique but in a most peculiar way
Garish individuals yet easily interchanged

At regular intervals a lesson arrives
To teach about growth within your personal life
They're all much the same, but then we're all much alike
So you
Take your life
By the horns
Being free
Be yourself
Just like me
Just like me

Mayhem, without agenda, just
Mayhem with no message at all
I always wanted to say "I always wanted to say that"
I'm the kooky one, see
Mayhem, we can all join in
Mayhem, with respect and esteem
I always wanted to say "I always wanted to say that"
It's witty without being remotely amusing at all


from The Difficult Third Album - A Collection Of Previously Released Material Dating From 2010​-​2013, released February 6, 2014
Composed and performed by Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn. Produced and mixed by Ricardo Autobahn. (c) Spray. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Spray Lancashire, UK

Ric and Jen were members of 21st century pop terrorists The Cuban Boys, who topped John Peel's Festive 50 and the UK singles charts.

Their offshoot project Spray predicted the electropop boom, unfortunately much too early for them to cash in. They released two albums in 2002 and 2006.

In 2016 they released their first full length studio album in 10 years - 'Enforced Fun'.
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