Down in the disco deep you're making moves on me
Cos you've been reading Heat and now you think you're street
You think you're Paul Danan - your archetypal man
The guy who looks the sort who scrubs up well for court

You're so conventional and one-dimensional

Slow down - so you're the man in town
Slow down - just hold your horses now
Slow down - that hair gel's seeping into your brain, you're insane
Slow down - I know what you expect
Slow down - I've got more self respect
Slow down - I'm talking slowly so that you grasp what I say

In this brave new world, where you just say the word
And it's on a plate, the effort ain't so great
I think you need to know people aren't all so low
Or think it's decadent, to smell of anti-perspirant

You know that Mr T would consider that bling OTT

Slow down - Aldi lothario
Slow down - no matter where you go
Slow down - you'll never want to be where you get, in the end
Slow down - you take your social cues
Slow down - from shows on ITV2
Slow down - there's a bigger picture you see, you'll be free

Slow down -
Slow down -
Slow down -

Slow down - this urge to procreate
Slow down - I think you overcompensate
Slow down - you really seem to take too much care, of your hair
Slow down - maybe just start to think
Slow down - and put some effort in
Slow down - possibly you'll score an occasional win


from The Difficult Third Album - A Collection Of Previously Released Material Dating From 2010​-​2013, released February 6, 2014
Composed and performed by Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn. Produced and mixed by Ricardo Autobahn. (c) Spray. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Spray Lancashire, UK

Ric and Jen were members of 21st century pop terrorists The Cuban Boys, who topped John Peel's Festive 50 and the UK singles charts.

Their offshoot project Spray predicted the electropop boom, unfortunately much too early for them to cash in. They released two albums in 2002 and 2006.

In 2016 they released their first full length studio album in 10 years - 'Enforced Fun'.
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