Come gather round and I'll sing you a song
I'm really gonna open your eyes
The world's in a groove and your life's pretty cool
And it's all fundamentally fine
But you've a thought now and then that there's more than this
A feeling that is digging away
That's there's something can be done to make life more fun
A tiny imperceptible change

On the beach with your girl as the sun goes down?
I can better the mood!
Or at the birth of your first born child?
I want more joy in the room!
Though we're livin' in a golden age
There's something can be done to improve
The ways things are, the way of the world
Everything's better with Muppets - that's for sure!

I got the remedy! I have got the cure!
(She's got the cure)

We all seek a fulfilling life
Though it's battling our liberal guilt
There's an obvious way to ameliorate
And suddenly, you'll all be fulfilled
Because you know and I know the warmth you feel
Whenever there's a Muppet around
If you're feeling low then it fires the glow
And that little missing piece has been found

C-Beams glitter near the Tannhauser gate
Quite good, I understand
Global peace and infinite cake?
Could be slightly enhanced
Even stuff that seems quite rough
A politician's sombre address
You will find, all of the time
Everything's better with Muppets - that's the test!

I got the remedy! I have got the cure!
(She's got the cure)

Nana-nanana-nana etc

It doesn't take that much imagination
In any given real life situation
To integrate a Muppet for the realisation
Life could be much much more of a sensation


from The Difficult Third Album - A Collection Of Previously Released Material Dating From 2010​-​2013, released February 6, 2014
Composed and performed by Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn. Produced and mixed by Ricardo Autobahn. (c) Spray. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Spray Lancashire, UK

Ric and Jen were members of 21st century pop terrorists The Cuban Boys, who topped John Peel's Festive 50 and the UK singles charts.

Their offshoot project Spray predicted the electropop boom, unfortunately much too early for them to cash in. They released two albums in 2002 and 2006.

In 2016 they released their first full length studio album in 10 years - 'Enforced Fun'.
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