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The Difficult Third Album - A Collection Of Previously Released Material Dating From 2010​-​2013

by Spray

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Simon "DJ Landmine"
Simon "DJ Landmine" thumbnail
Simon "DJ Landmine" Another brilliant collection of upbeat (or chilled-out) tunes and knife-sharp lyrics from Spray. Favorite track: The Unstoppable Pop Shop.
Fahrenheight Nova
Fahrenheight Nova thumbnail
Fahrenheight Nova Stumbled on Spray purely by accident, this was a great discovery! Synthpop done right, with top-notch production, vocals, songwriting and even some clever and funny tongue-n-cheek lyrics. This album is truly a rare case where all of the songs are very good, it's really tough picking a favorite with this great of quality oozing from front to back. Highly recommended! Favorite track: We're All Made Of Stars.
ben bulcock
ben bulcock thumbnail
ben bulcock Fantastic, wonderful, funny and damned good synthpop. As a Lancashire lad I feel quite proud! So happy to find Spray, which begs the question: where have I been all your life? Favorite track: The Unstoppable Pop Shop.
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It's the time of the year, it's the time of our lives And the nation is gripped in its heart and it's mind To commemorate this there's new songs to be sung And we'll all sing along at the top of our lungs Some hazy positivity, some boisterous shouting A bit of jingoism and a lot of carousing Always supporting hookline and sinker Cos nothing says we love you like a top 40 single Come on! Sing when we're winning We'll always be singing for England The passion and pride you feel supporting a team Is quite tricky to evoke with such a strict rhyming scheme So match a non-specific lyric urging “go all way” To some power chords that they can use on Match Of The Day Appealing to fanatics is a difficult job It's not thermodynamics but it's hard to pull off Just keep it panoramic, optimistic, don't bore us Even the disaffected love a singalong chorus Or something. We can reach for the top if we just pull it through And dream to believe that the goal is in you, now you Realise that's nonsense and you know it's a lie but for Just a fleeting moment brings the country to life... We're singing for England We're singing for England We're singing for England And any other sports team Yes, your generic sports team We're singing for your sports team Just play the instrumental And insert the name of your team We'll inspire the team to victory With a very simple melody We will take the team to victory And the melody will ring ring ring in your ears It's E For England.
Slow Down 03:13
Down in the disco deep you're making moves on me Cos you've been reading Heat and now you think you're street You think you're Paul Danan - your archetypal man The guy who looks the sort who scrubs up well for court You're so conventional and one-dimensional Slow down - so you're the man in town Slow down - just hold your horses now Slow down - that hair gel's seeping into your brain, you're insane Slow down - I know what you expect Slow down - I've got more self respect Slow down - I'm talking slowly so that you grasp what I say In this brave new world, where you just say the word And it's on a plate, the effort ain't so great I think you need to know people aren't all so low Or think it's decadent, to smell of anti-perspirant You know that Mr T would consider that bling OTT Slow down - Aldi lothario Slow down - no matter where you go Slow down - you'll never want to be where you get, in the end Slow down - you take your social cues Slow down - from shows on ITV2 Slow down - there's a bigger picture you see, you'll be free Slow down - Slow down - Slow down - Slow down - this urge to procreate Slow down - I think you overcompensate Slow down - you really seem to take too much care, of your hair Slow down - maybe just start to think Slow down - and put some effort in Slow down - possibly you'll score an occasional win
Come gather round and I'll sing you a song I'm really gonna open your eyes The world's in a groove and your life's pretty cool And it's all fundamentally fine But you've a thought now and then that there's more than this A feeling that is digging away That's there's something can be done to make life more fun A tiny imperceptible change On the beach with your girl as the sun goes down? I can better the mood! Or at the birth of your first born child? I want more joy in the room! Though we're livin' in a golden age There's something can be done to improve The ways things are, the way of the world Everything's better with Muppets - that's for sure! I got the remedy! I have got the cure! (She's got the cure) We all seek a fulfilling life Though it's battling our liberal guilt There's an obvious way to ameliorate And suddenly, you'll all be fulfilled Because you know and I know the warmth you feel Whenever there's a Muppet around If you're feeling low then it fires the glow And that little missing piece has been found C-Beams glitter near the Tannhauser gate Quite good, I understand Global peace and infinite cake? Could be slightly enhanced Even stuff that seems quite rough A politician's sombre address You will find, all of the time Everything's better with Muppets - that's the test! I got the remedy! I have got the cure! (She's got the cure) Nana-nanana-nana etc It doesn't take that much imagination In any given real life situation To integrate a Muppet for the realisation Life could be much much more of a sensation
Twitter campaign, twitter campaign I'm gonna start my own twitter campaign I'm a massive egotist with time on my hands I'm a housebound sociopath - hear my demands! I'm a Tory spin doctor who doesn't understand All the ins and outs but someone said it's big in Japan Twitter campaign, twitter campaign I'm gonna start my own twitter campaign Get the House of Commons painted aquamarine Hype my band to number one hundred and eighteen Claim that Charlie Sheen has fallen down a ravine Tell a dozen people that you're in the canteen Twitter campaign, twitter campaign I'm gonna start my own twitter campaign Boasting to my friends I'm at a gig that they're not Modestly confessing I've a swanky new job Oh, and by the way I'm in Marseilles on a yacht Here's a picture of my dog, he's got a hat on. Lol. Twitter update, twitter update I'm gonna publish my twitter update Twitter campaign, twitter campaign I'm gonna start my own twitter campaign What happened to mystique? A little mystery in life? I know too much about too much but none of it's worthwhile We moan about CCTV, "they're spying day and night" Well you surveille yourselves without infringing human rights Outrage at the way the papers distort the news Campaign for a dissident jailed in Timbuktu To be honest, I'm not bothered, it's the least I can do To make me feel important with a mouse click or two Serious face, serious face I'm gonna wear my serious face The levels of banality we've recently reached Are at levels we've not seen since the invention of speech And giving extra outlets for the boring to preach It's akin to evolution just admitting defeat Twitter campaign, twitter campaign I'm gonna start my own twitter campaign Twitter campaign, twitter campaign I'm gonna start my own twitter campaign
Driving down the strip in a convertible it's a dream T shirts with slogans and a gang who look suspiciously clean for the streets Coquettishly waving at the cars that pass Sharing our burgers and abusing staff All my friends from central casting laugh As we Take our life By the horns Being free Be ourselves And we dance Through the street Causing Mayhem, albeit quite restrained Mayhem - parameters rule! I always wanted to say "I always wanted to say that" It implies anarchy Mayhem, government approved Mayhem, sanctioning the beat I always wanted to say "I always wanted to say that" I don't know what to believe anymore We are all unique but in a most peculiar way Garish individuals yet easily interchanged At regular intervals a lesson arrives To teach about growth within your personal life They're all much the same, but then we're all much alike So you Take your life By the horns Being free Be yourself Just like me Just like me Causing Mayhem, without agenda, just Mayhem with no message at all I always wanted to say "I always wanted to say that" I'm the kooky one, see Mayhem, we can all join in Mayhem, with respect and esteem I always wanted to say "I always wanted to say that" It's witty without being remotely amusing at all
Everybody! You want to be The top dog Permanently And that consumes Your waking hours Until such time That they're not waking hours The human mind is an amazing piece of kit But it's accepting nature doesn't really sit With it's capacity for always being right There'll be a squabble at the rotary club tonight There'll be a quarrel over who said what to whom There'll be a quibble over when you should say "whom" There'll be some pettiness about some oversight There'll be a squabble at the rotary club tonight Everybody! Loves inconsequence And they're loving it In the progressive tense And you know To win this time Won't take Too much thinking time Now nit-picking over technicalities And feeling pressure over trivialities It all means that there is just one sure thing in sight There'll be a squabble at the rotary club tonight There'll be some bickering about a point inferred There'll be recriminations over the dessert There'll be a fracas over something misapplied There'll be a squabble at the rotary club tonight There'll be annoyance over yet-unknown offence There'll be some stress over ambiguous expense There'll be some sulking and a whispering campaign There'll be a squabble at the rotary club again Why is there so much violence in Britain today? When people can't control themselves, it's moral/ social decay We're on a downward spiral it's the end of the age We're sinking deep into the mire of self destruction and rage There'll be some fisticuffs and something will get spilt There'll be a cry of "just forget it, you'll get killed" There'll be a tussle it'll help to clear the air There'll be a story to relate to the au pair There'll be squabble at the rotary club tonight
Something's wrong, I know it, in an abstract sense, There's some sort of commotion due to certain events, I know there's a commotion cos your head's in your hands, And people aren't standing where they usually stand. No, don't tell me, I know this one, I know this one, No, don't tell me, I know this one, I know this one, No, don't tell me, I know this one, I know this one, Something is happening with emotional resonance. There's a difference in volume and the room is off-beam, I've read about this, so I know what this means, Loudness means dissatisfaction, silence disdain, No clues! I'll work it out - it can't be hard to explain. You look at me with sadness, or it's grief, or it's fright, If there's a problem say so - or we'll be here all night, This isn't like on TV, these emotions aren't raw, And aren't articulated by a musical score Cos I blame cinematic subtext and its influence on everyday life. I blame enigmatic glances and we assume that is the way that we're supposed to deal with strife. I blame implicit content where they never ever ever ever explain. I can't concentrate if everybody's yelling. Refusal to articulate spawns unresolved tension. Baby, I need you to live I need you in my life You're in my dreams and if you leave my heart will break tonight If everything I've learnt from pop and TV shows is law That should sort it out so let's all get back to where we were before.
The Contract 03:25
Employment law is very complex When you employ a minefield of wrecks They come in late, they come in when they're rough They top themselves when the going gets tough If only, hey, there was some way to legislate and legally protect us from the downtime that's occurred. So if you could just keep a lid on your despair And then sign here - you're ready to go! Contractually you're bound by the company laws So get to work - enjoy your day! I signed myself and never looked back All those dark thoughts were gone in a flash! It stops you feeling ever so grand It's not despair, it's the hope I can't stand Now that's life - still horrifying but (for me) contractually now fine. I have no mouth and I must scream. So if you could just keep a lid on your despair And then sign here - you're ready to go! Contractually you're bound by the company laws So get to work - enjoy your day! I am in hell but at least - for now - I'm still alive And company stock continues to rise The only thing truly mine has been taken away So get to work - enjoy your day! Care about everything or care about nothing. But anything in between is pointless and insulting. We know you care and you show it by how much you cry, until it impacts your leisure time. You can ignore the polished brutality reflected in your telephone screen. I have a voice but I cannot scream any more, because if I start then I'll never stop. My conciousness is not mine to own anymore. It's soldered to your TV set.
She's (Not) In Parties (free) 03:49
My friends would say I’m anti-social, if I had any friends But I know that I’m in the right - that’s where this song should end When party season comes around you know where I’ll be found You’ll find me in the kitchen, not in someone else’s house The noise, confusion, crosstalk, bafflegab and god forbid Exhaustion feigning interest in someone’s bloody kids Exhaustion being int-resting – all thinking up new words Then when you think you’ve got it sussed - it suddenly gets worse because Some guy gets his guitar and starts playing ‘Wonderwall’ Some girl says she loves this one and tweets it to us all This guy knows all the chords and shows me them as well That’s why I’m not in parties “Everyone loves parties” is the lie that I was sold I’m counting down the four more hours until I can go home A firestorm of boredom, awful music, strangers, schmooze Conversational one-upmanship, no one explains the rules All my life The Party’s been romanticized and hyped Anticipation amplified, anxiety denied Reality’s a bunch of over-stimulated fools Without a thing in common bar they’re all in the same room And then... Some guy gets his guitar and starts playing ‘Wonderwall’ He thinks that I’m impressed so he plays it more and more That girl thinks I’m impressed and moves me to the door That why I’m not in parties I heard that joke I heard that story Last time it was pretty dull Out in the cool night air relief is palpable That guy with his guitar is still playing ‘Wonderwall’ That girl’s still hanging off his every clanging chord That’s why I’m not in parties


This album is a compilation of previously released material from the EPs:
'Singing For England' (2010)
'Everything's Better With Muppets' (2010)
'We're Nihilists, Not Stylists' (2011)
'Spray Vs Subtext' (2011)

And from the virtual 7" singles:
'Sparks Called And They Want Their Ideas Back' (2012)
'The Contract' (2013).

Also included is 'You Can Always Come Home' from the 2012 compilation album 'Kiss My Lipstick Off', also available on it's own from iTunes.


released February 6, 2014

Composed and performed by Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn. Produced and mixed by Ricardo Autobahn. (c) Spray. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Spray Lancashire, UK

Ric and Jen were members of 21st century pop terrorists The Cuban Boys, who topped John Peel's Festive 50 and the UK singles charts.

Their offshoot project Spray predicted the electropop boom, unfortunately much too early for them to cash in. They released two albums in 2002 and 2006.

In 2016 they released their first full length studio album in 10 years - 'Enforced Fun'.
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